We offer a 6 Day Free Trial at any time, for those that would like to come in and see what our classes are all about.  A 6 Day Free Trial would allow you to try a full week of our classes which will include 3 kickbxing and 3 strength training classes.   If you are interested in this, please contact us via email or phone:




Ames: 515-233-3186

To get you set up for the free trial, we will need to know the following:

1.  Which studio you would ike to attend to do your 6 day free trial.

2.  What class time you will attend on the first day of your trial.

3.  What day you would like to get started.

After we have the above information, we will let the instructor know that you will be there so they can provide you the liability form to sign and to help you get started on the first day.
We have gloves and wraps for you to borrow for kickboxing days and we have all the equipment you will need for strength training classes.

Click here to print the 6 Day Trial Form.