Rachel was the winner of our Oct-Dec 2010 9 Week Total Body Fitness Challenge.  During her challenge she lost 30 pounds and 8% in body comp.  While she had great success in her weight and fat loss, she also had some significant medical and health improvements.  She visited her doctor after completing the challenge and her doctor was very impressed with the improvements Rachel had in her overall health. 

Her cholesterol went from 206 to 162.  Bad cholesterol went down from 127 to 84.  Her good cholesterol whent from 58 t0 78.  Her doctor told her that only a very healthy diet coupled with serious exercise can increase HDL. 

Rachel’s triglycerides went down from 103 to to 40.

Rachel also had all of her hormone levels tested and she was at a healthy level in all of them.  Her main concern was her testosterone level as she has had a high level since 2000, which caused a lot of havoc in her life.  The maximum level for a woman is .74.  Hers was 1.1.  During this doctor visit, her testosterone level measured .61.

Rachel was also cleared to discontinue taking blood pressure medication after several weeks of trial where her blood pressure remained normal with no medication.

She also was able to transfer from a “Standard” Life Insurance Policy to a “Preferred” status!!! 

Rachel continues to reach new goals and is now an instructor for GIM!!! 


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