How to Cross Train in  a Strength Training Class at GIM…..

When you are deciding on what weight you are going to use for a particular exercise….you want to continually mix it up.  At GIM we want every person to shoot for “high intensity” work outs and we want you to understand that you can get “high intensity” in different ways.  Basically, you can choose to lift with heavy weight and get less reps or you can choose lighter weight and higher reps.  Both options are good, if done right, and can be very high intensity.  However, where many people go wrong is by using the same weight and performing the same amount of reps every day.  If you never change it up your body will adapt and at some point you will plateau. 

What we suggest, so that you can get a little cross training in during each class, is to mix it up.  This could be within a 3 set series, or one day a week, or every other week…but somehow mix it up so you continually shock the body.

An example:  If you are doing 3 sets of Bent Over Rows, you could decide to lift heavy on the first 2 sets (which forces less reps) and on your third set go with a little lighter weight and shoot for higher reps.  This type of training is like cross training within the same workout and will continually keep your body guessing.  The key is picking the right weight that will challenge you either way (and of course you want to be able to keep good form and full range of motion.)  Whether you choose to lift heavy or light….you have to pick a weight that will challenge you to the max or you will not get the benefits you are after.

If you have not done this before, it can definitely help a person break through a plateau…because it shakes things up within the same workouts.

The other thing this will help with is boredom because you are constantly thinking about what weight you want to use and how many reps you are shooting for and they both change all the time.

Give it a try…you might like it!!