Starting Monday, May 16 2016!

If you are looking to workout in a group setting but need to keep your exercise routine low impact…check out our new class.

–The classes (in studio) will be on Monday and Thursday nights at 6:45pm and they will be 45 min in length.

–There will be low impact “livestreamed” classes for you to do at home on the other days of the week.

–These classes will be “on going”…there is not a particular start date and end can join at ANYTIME and continue with us for as long as you want.  **There will also be “on-going” nutrition education, recipe sharing, and group activities. **



START UP Special Rate (Sign up between now and May 16th for this special rate)

First month (just one month at sign up) = $25

IF you sign for a 3 month prepay= $80


If you sign up after May 16th

Month to Monday= $39/month

3 month Prepay= $105


Email for more info or to get signed up.