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This program will provide you the support, motivation, and knowledge to help you reach your desired goals and learn to live a healhty lifestyle.  If you fully commit to this fitness program you will get in great shape and change your life in a very positive way, both mentally and physically.

The Goals in Motion Fitness Challenge is the “TOTAL PACKAGE”: intense workouts, nutritional guidance, personalized attention, accountability, and a workout environment that welcomes all fitness levels.

This challenge is designed to promote a lifestyle change, it is not a quick fix.  It is a jump start to a healthier you!

Challenges are held in various lengths ranging from 4 weeks to 9 weeks.


Challenge Parameters

The person whose picture reflects the greatest change and has the highest combined percent of improvement in the tests below will be named the winner of the challenge and will receive a prize.

Baseline tests are performed at the start, at midpont, and at the end of  of the session.

Tests consist of:

Pictures- Front view, side view, and back view.  Women typically wear a two piece bathing suit or shorts and athletic bra.  Men wear shorts.,

Body Weight,

Body Composition,

Push Ups for 1 minute- full or modified,

Sit Ups for 1 minute- full or crunches,

Mile Run- For those that can not run a full mile, you are allowed to walk as necessary.



Classes are offered 6 days a week (Monday – Saturday)

Monday and Wednesday  are strength training.  Friday classes are Circuit.  Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday are kickboxing classes.  This is the typical schedule, however we sprinkle in some of  the classes listed below to provide variety and cross training opportunities.

Kick & Tabata,

Kickbox Circuit,

Kick & HIIT,

30 min HIIT,

Mitt Class,

Floor Work,



Classes are led by trained instructors and are motivating, hard, and fun all at the same time!


Strength Training/Plyometric Classes

Equipment Used:  kettlebells, 2 handled coreballs, resistance bands, and balance balls

Classes are 55-60 minutes in length which includes the warm up, workout and cool down.

Every workout is designed to strengthen the total body but there is always a focus on particular muscle groups depending on the day of the week.  In addition, exercises change every 2 weeks to help avoid plateaus and prevent boredom.  The strength workouts have different formats…sometimes in circuit format and sometimes where the exercises have 2 or 3 sets each.  

Plyometrics and Core Strengthening are also a big part of the strength training classes.

Shoes are required in Strength Training Classes to ensure support during the exercises and also to prevent possible injury from accidentally dropping the weights on your feet.

Every exercise has a modification and we (the staff at Goals in Motion) work hard to individualize our instruction as needed, to help the participants get the most out of their workouts.


Circuit Classes

Equipment Used:  Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Barbells,  TRX, Rip Trainer, Tires, Heavy Ropes, Box Jumps, Medicine Balls, Lebert Bars, Sandbells, etc..

Classes are 55-60 minutes in length.

These workouts are total body and are organized in stations.  Then the class is run circuit style where you move from one station to the next.  The Friday Circuit format will change every two weeks.  


Cardio Kickboxing Classes

Equipment Used:  Bags & Gloves/Wraps

Classes are 55-60 minutes in length, which includes a warm up, at least 40 minutes on the bag and a cool down.

Kickboxing workouts are a total body workout and include both punches and kicks on the bag as well as a variety of exercises off the bag.  Plyometrics and core strengthening are a part of all kickboxing classes.

We also mix things up on Kickboxing Days where we might do Kickboxing Circuit, or 30min. Kickboxing/30min,. HIIT, or 30min. Kickboxing/30min. EMOM or Mitt Class, etc….

Tennis shoes, martial arts shoes, or bare feet are allowed during these classes.


Challenger Only Workouts

During the Challenge the owners of Goals in Motion, Sandy & Mardi, lead several workouts for the challenge participants only.  These sessions provide the challenge participants an opportunity to get in a little extra workout that is different than what they typically get in class.  It also allows challengers to meet other challenge participants that work out at different class times during the week.  Workouts might include: running stadium stairs, running hills, doing a station workout at the studio that might include heavy rope swings, TRX bands, heavy tires, etc…


Nutrition Education

Nutrition is a large part of the fitness challenge.  The nutritional guidelines promote long term eating habits versus a short term diet.  Each participant will be assigned a coach and be a part of a team.  The coach will provide feedback and support on nutrition and will help hold the participant accountable.

Food Journaling:  The participant will send food journals to their coach daily for the first two weeks and the coach will provide feedback and suggestions promptly.  Food journaling can continue throughout the 9 weeks if the participant would like.

Nutrition Meetings:  Several meetings will be held to help participant better understand the “whys” behind our nutritional guidelines.

Coaches are very involved with their team members and will not only provide nutritional guidance but also will be in class to help motivate and support throughout the challenge.  They are also available to answer any questions.

We also periodically schedule food preparation classes with the HyVee Simple Fix program.  

Please refer to the Schedule or the Calendar of Events on the homepage for future challenge dates and testing times.

Contact us for the prices.  We do offer group discounts and payment plans.


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