Frequently Asked Questions….



Because of the EXPERIENCE!!!!  Goals in Motion offers the opportunity for people of all walks of life, with sometimes diverse goals, to participate and share an experience.  As we all know, group fitness can be a perfect environment for the develpment of strong relationships (almost like a second family).  At Goals in Motion we strongly believe in not only knowing peoples names, but in knowing them as individuals!!

So why choose GIM over other similar programs in town?

  • Atmosphere is positive and encouraging.  You will feel like you are working out with a 2nd family versus a group of strangers.  Knowing your name and understanding your individual goals are a priority to us.
  • We offer a 6 day free trial to anyone that wants to try classes.  This is available year round.
  • Our challenge members journal their food intake daily and receive feedback daily.  Coaching is extremely hands on in both nutrition and exercise.
  • We teach people lifestyle skills (fitness and nutrition) that they can maintain and enjoy for the rest of their lives.
  • Our strength training classes focus in on different muscles groups every other day and workouts change every three weeks to continuously shock the muscles while preventing boredom and plateaus.
  • We provide workouts that will challenge the most fit person on a daily basis, and at the same time, every exercise can be modified to work for most anyone.
  • All kickboxing & strength training classes include core strengthening and plyometric exercises.
  • Our coaches and instructors are hand selected & trained by the owners. Our policy requires them to have been a part of our program until they thouroughly understand our program and what it stands for prior to assisting others.
  • Discounted prices are offered on membership fees for those signing up in a group.
  • We offer payment plans (with no interest charge) for those that may need it.
  • We offer healthy cooking classes.  Foods are prepared live with an opportunity to taste at the end of class.
  • Monthly support group meetings are offered to our members covering a variety of topics.
  • Our membership is very diverse.  Ages range from teens to 70’s.  There are all shapes and sizes and fitness levels represented in classes.  This is not just a weight loss program.
  • If someone has done a similar program they can join our maintenance program without doing our challenge.
  • Class sizes are monitored and capped when needed to prevent over-crowded classes.
  • The owners workout with members in different classes daily.  Living a healthy lifestyle and building relationships with the members are equally important to them.
  • We do not strive to be the biggest studio in town, our goals is to be the best.  Quality will always come before quantity at Goals in Motion.