Food Fit with Goals  is our 4 week Nutrition Education program.  These sessions provide weekly educational meetings, private facebook group, detailed education on blood sugar stabilization and how to make healthy eating a part of your life.



These meetings will help the participants better understand the importance of blood sugar stabilization and how that can help them reach their goals, allow their bodies to work more efficiently, and live a much healthier life.  Some meetings will be held at the studio (and shot of facebook live) and some will be held via facebook live only.  All meetings will have the recorded facebook live taping saved for those that could not be at the meetings, live out of town, or had to watch at a different time.  


Each participant will be a part of a private facebook page where they can ask questions, have a support group, recipe ideas will be shared, and much more!






Email to get registered.



“I promised you a report on my blood work….. everything improved! Most notable, my A1c down from 7.2 to 5 and my total cholesterol down from 210 to 169. Goals Food Fit is!!”

 “I am sooo happy I am no longer “chasing my fork!!” I have learned to make nutrition my foundation thanks to Mardi and Sandy and the Food Fit Program.”

“You never know what good feels like until you stop feeling bad and I never knew how bad I felt until I started feeling good. Because of the education I’ve received from Goals in Motion (about both… exercise and nutrition) I now know what it’s like to feel good. It’s not easy, but it’s worth the work!!! Prior to educating myself on nutrition (through the Goals in Motion Food Fit program), I use to rely on nearly a pot of coffee a day to get me through the day. I can now go days without it and I don’t feel like I’m “suffering” anymore. I hate to admit it, but I even sleep better and wake more rested when I DON’T drink coffee.  Food Fit , Goals in Motion, and Mardi & Sandy have been a blessings. I don’t know where I would be (as far as my health) if it weren’t for the opportunity to participate in Food Fit and join the Goals in Motion family “

“I just got a chance to watch the video of the alumni meeting. I knew it was important to drink water, but understanding all of the reasons why really brings it home.  Got my lab results back from the doctor and everything is looking up. Last year I was officially diagnosed as “pre-diabetic” and my A1C results are now back in the normal range, My cholesterol levels came back low enough such that the doctor agreed for me to stop taking statins and see what happens. Now I just need to make sure I don’t fall back into my old habits. Hence the reason why I joined the alumni group! Thanks Goals in Motion!!!”