Do your workout at home, in a hotel, outside……anywhere there is internet access!!!

You can now participate in Goals in Motion classes anywhere via your laptop, ipad, iphone, etc…  If your schedule does not allow you to make it to the studio, if you don’t live in the area where you can attend Goals classes, if you travel a lot…this is a perfect solution for you to still be active and get your workouts in.  With the help of XStreaming Fitness we will be taping one class per day and through an online membership you will be able to view and participate in class wherever there is internet access!   We will also have several workouts that do not require any equipment (or minimal equipment) so that you can still get a workout in even if you do not have any tools available. Not only does this system allow you to do workouts anywhere, it also has an accountability option.  You can track your progress towards weight loss goals or attendance goals.  If you would like more details please call 515-276-2986 or email

CLICK on below link to see how easy it is to hook your phone up to a tv and do the workout right at your own home or in a hotel!

First livestreaming info video



  • “Just wanted to tell you that I couldn’t go to class today, so I planned my day around doing a live stream class from 7 to 8 this morning. I did a strength training workout and it was a perfect one for at home!! It was also a blast to work out with my regular people as well as myself, haha!! (I was in the front row of the class I chose to work out to:) So glad I did it! “
  • “This past Saturday I didn’t make it into the studio for one of the morning workouts so I got on our live streaming site and picked a kickboxing class my sister, Richelle Pfannebecker Boatman, taught the previous Saturday! As I worked out in my basement..the cool thing was I felt like I was right there in class and Jaci Braun was my workout partner because that is who I could see the most on my big screen tv.!!! It was a great workout Richelle and Jaci ..thanks for pushing me!!!”
  • “I absolutely love the streaming video of GIM.  Been doing it daily for a while and, for me, it’s just like being there only I have to high five myself!!!”


LINK TO XSTREAMING FITNESS LOG IN PAGE (you will need your log in and password)