Listed are the classes that are currently offered at Goals in Motion.  Our regularly scheduled classes are Strength Class on Monday and Wednesday.  Strength Circuit/Power 45 Class on Fridays.  Kickboxing Class on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.  We then sprinkle in the other listed classes throughout the month to provide variety to our members.   You can check the class schedules to see when they are offered throughout the month.



Members will wrap their wrists and put on some gloves for this class.  Kickboxing includes miscellaneous combinations of punches and kicks to a free standing bag with various off the bag exercises, plyometrics, and core work.  This class is very energetic and a great full body workout!


Kickboxing 4


Kickboxing class 2




The strength workouts include exercises designed to work all muscle groups throughout the week.  The muscle group focus and the exercise format will change regularly to keep the muscles confused.  Equipment used: Kettlebells, 2 handled coreballs, balance balls, and resistance bands.

strenght training



We use all the tools in this class.  Strength equipement, ropes, TRX, tires, boxes, etc….  It is set up for people to move from station to station doing different exercises at each station.

Circuit Jan 2014 12

Circuit Jan 2014 14

circuit workout


Plate swings and mini tramp

Power 45 6

Power 45 bench hops

Power 45



These classes are designed for people that like group fitness but need to keep their workouts more low impact.  Classes will be held on Monday and Thursdays at 6:45pm and will be 45 minutes in length.   A variety of exercises will be used in these classes.  In addition those enrolled in these classes will also have access to low impact livestream classes and will having ongoing nutrition education, recipe sharing and activities. 


Tabata style workouts are held in some of the kickboxing classes and also in our 30 min HIIT classes.  Example of a tabata workout…40 seconds of work, with 20 seconds of rest.

30 min. HIIT CLASS

For those that may not have a full hour to do their workout, we have 30 minute high intensity cardio classes that will get your heart rate up in a shorter period of time.  There is a 30min. HIIT class every Monday at 4pm.  A couple times a month we do a 30 minute Kickboxing/30 minute HIIT Class on a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.

Kristie hiit class 2

30 min class 2

30 min class 4



The people in the class will partner up, one will work on the mitts for a certain amount of time and the other will hold the mitts. The people holding mitts will “work” when the people punching get their breaks.  We will add bags into the combinations sometimes as well. There will also be sprints, core work, glut work and/or all kinds of body weight type exercises mixed in through out the workout or at the end of the workout.

mitts 20

Mitts 2014 12



These classes are designed to work the core and gluts.  Many different exercises will be implemented to help build strength in the bodies mid-section. 

EMOM (Every Minute On the Minute)

This high intensity cardio class is a 30 min. workout.  A group of exercises will be performed during the minute and the quicker you complete the exercises the longer you will have to rest.  The work starts at every minute.  (Ex. If it takes you 30 seconds to do the work, you have 30 seconds to rest.  If it takes you 50 seconds to do the exercises, you will have 10 seconds rest.)


The class is set up in two parts.  Half of the group will do the bag circuit and each bag will have a different kickboxing combination.  The other half of the group will be doing a circuit with different cardio and strength exercises.



The studio will be open to members on Sundays from 3:15pm to 4:30pm.  Members can come in and do the workout we have designed listed on a white board or they can come in and do their own workout.  They can stay for 15 minutes or for the full time.