Our Philosophy at Goals in Motion is easy….

  • We care about people FIRST!
  • We believe in QUALITY versus quantity and we are extremely dedicated to make our program the best it can be “for our members.”
  • We believe in honesty and integrity and we run our business with a great deal of both!
  • Ultimately, we want to teach people how to make a lifestyle change by eating clean, working out hard and enjoying every minute of it!! (Well…most every minute..smile)

Philosophy on Work Outs  

When we design work outs we keep in mind that we will be working with a huge range of people…from elite athletes to the very novice and/or unfit.  So we create workouts that will challenge any one who walks through our doors but at the same time we are always prepared to offer modifications to any and all exercises.  We believe teaching work out skills (good form) is important and we do a lot of that each day but  just as important, we work very hard to teach people to believe in themselves!  This is so important to us because at the end of the day…this is what will lead people down the path of a “lifestyle change.”

–We take time to understand why our members are here and what they want from the program (set   and review goals constantly).

–We teach people how to line up their efforts (in and out of class) with their goals.

–We teach people how to get out of their comfort zone on a daily basis and why this is important.

–We teach people how important a positive attitude is…during class and outside of class.

–And last but certainly not least…we teach them to not limit themselves by never testing themselves.  If you don’t try….you won’t know.

We feel when you combine all of the above with high intensity workouts ..it equals success.

Philosophy on Nutrition   

Nutrition at Goals in Motion is all about eating clean 80 to 90% of the time and making it a lifestyle (not a 9 week diet).  Those are the two things we work hard to teach every member that comes through our doors.  What does eating clean mean?  In a nutshell, it means eating a good mix of carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats at each meal and snack, and getting these from real foods (most of the time) versus over eating supplements.  Our goal is to teach people how to “plan and prepare” and be proactive in what they decide to eat versus going with the boxed processed foods that are convenient, but unhealthy.

Philosophy on “Inside the Goals Studio”

Inside the Goals studio we believe in building long lasting relationships and creating a friendly, supportive and very motivating atmosphere.   The camradery among our entire membership is something we are very proud of and work very hard to maintain…day in and day out.  Many say it is like a second family …and our philosophy is if you treat people like family…they will continue to come back.